Coworking Memberships

Whether you're here every day or once a month, Energize allows your business to have a professional, energy-packed community to grow in.

We have a space for you

Our Memberships are pretty easy. We offer Dedicated Memberships for small business owners to utilize their own personal desk 24/7 (please leave the goldfish at home). Not ready for a Dedicated Space? We got you. You can drop in half the month, join us for Member-only and community events, or pick up a Daily Pass when you need to.

Dedicated Desk

$175 / month

Your own desk in our space. You are welcome to the space and the community area 24/7 so you always have a dedicated spot to call home. Includes our weekly classes, printing, mailing address, coffee and more.

Coworking Desk

$95 / month

Working in coffee shops and home offices are great, but nothing beats collaborating with an active community. Coworking Members can drop into our community area up to 10 days a month. Includes our weekly classes, printing, mail address, coffee and more.

Energize Mastermind Group

$35 / month

Energize hosts a Mastermind Group where growing leaders from our community band together over weekly, round-table topics. There is no better source of education and collaboration for entrepreneurs and business owners anywhere.

This group meets weekly over classes about topics that we collectively choose to drive our businesses forward. This group allows one person from each business industry. Learn more about the Mastermind Group

Daily Pass

$10 / Day

A Daily Pass gives you access to Energize Workspace and our Coworking area for the day. Need to host a meeting for you and a client? In town for short time? Drop in for the day and have access to work space, printing, coffee, and a friendly community.

Become a Member

Our workspace promotes members to network, form collaborations, introduce new ideas, share leads and celebrate successes. Learn about the businesses and entrepreneurs that make our community strong.

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Focused on our Community

Energize is proud to lead the entrepreneurial community of Mid-Michigan. We offer discounted Memberships to Non-profits, Students and Military Veterans. We are also happy to help travelers and remote workers with renting a desk for a short term period.

Contact Energize Workspace

Energize Workspace was made to be a hub of community collaboration. People don't just work here, we work together to grow ourselves and our business community.

Power of Collaboration

Our community is in it together. Need help with personal challenges? Looking for recommendations on services, content, messaging, strategy? Ask other Members who have tackled the same hurdles before.

Energize has a "One Per Industry" Rule that helps all Members form bonds with others that have taken the same entrepreneurial journey but in a different path. This helps our Members share leads and referrals to people we spend time with regularly and trust their expertise.

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Our Community Speaks For Itself

"Energize has helped me grow my business. I am more motivated than ever from the community of people. We all learn from each other."

Kim - Kim Scott Sciences

"Great place to learn more about business practices that can grow your business. And they have work space there for those who need a place to focus on work."

Marian - Young Living

"Great place for small business owner’s to connect, grow, gain support and direction and network with a wonderful group of people!"


"I am learning skills to further my networking experience!"

Melanie - Toxic Free Initiative

Learn more about our community

Our workspace promotes members to network, form collaborations, introduce new ideas, share leads and celebrate successes. Learn about the businesses and entrepreneurs that make our community strong.

Member Amenities

Convenient Location

Printing & Mailing


Community Events

Collaborative Culture

High Speed Wi-Fi

Member-Only Classes

Lead Sharing Programs

Mailing Address

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Grow Your Business Here

We think growing you and your business starts by surrounding yourself with people that compliment you, challenge you, and inspire you. Think you fit in our community? We want to hear why.