Energize Mastermind Group

Energize Workspace was made to be a hub of community collaboration. People don't just work here, we work together to grow ourselves and our business community.

Teach. Learn. Share. Inspire. Grow.

Energize hosts a weekly Mastermind Group where growing leaders from our community band together to tackle a list of rotating topics over a round-table style conversation.

Energize Mastermind Group

If you put 20 entrepreneurs in a room, I can promise the challenges holding you back are another person's successes - and vice versa. The Energize Mastermind Group gives you a place to trade. This is a weekly class dedicated to giving business owners, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, freelancers, and even students the ability to drastically increase their leadership potential through learning from each other's insights, ideas, successes, and even challenges. Join us and thrive.


Every Thursday from 10-11:30am
$35 per month
1 person per industry rule

Try our class out

If you are trying to grow your business, but don't want to rely on anyone else except your own capabilities, this class is for you. We invite you to try our class out for a couple sessions. Send us a message to get a free pass!


Our Community Speaks For Itself

"The weekly meetups are invaluable to me! I have learned so much here and it has helped me grow my business. I look forward to it every week."

Laura - Sit Stay Play Michigan

"Love our weekly meetups. It so great to get together with other entrepreneurs to share and learn."

Cathy - Abundant Joy Doula

"Nice place, friendly people, great educational material!"


"Great place to work and gain knowledge on businesses and social media."

Sarah - 360 Painting

Learn more about our community

Our workspace promotes members to network, form collaborations, introduce new ideas, share leads and celebrate successes. Learn about the businesses and entrepreneurs that make our community strong.

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Grow Your Business Here

We think growing you and your business starts by surrounding yourself with people that compliment you, challenge you, and inspire you. Think you fit in our community? We want to hear why.