About Energize Workspace

Collaboration, experimentation, and meaningful relationships all take place here.

A Place That Feels Like Home

Energize was created to be more than a coworking space. We are a highly-active group of diverse business owners, entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers all working to grow as a part of a greater community. Our founding vision was that strength comes from single pieces uniting together and we aim to give small businesses a place to make something greater.

Community Led

We didn't just slap "community" on everything to be trendy, Energize actually operates as a community. We have no employees or instructors to raise your membership fees. Instead, our Members and Community Leaders band together to direct everything from daily operations to ongoing events.

Community Powered

Regardless of your business, you got somewhere with hard work and personal growth. That's our inspiration. We have tons of member-only events where Members teach other Members educational topics and lots of public events designed to positively impact our local community.

Community Funded

Our space is 100% funded by our Members and Business Community. We have no politics or promises to outside parties. Our Members keep everything running smoothly, and we vote on where money goes and how we can improve our space first.

Learn about our coworking space

Our workspace promotes members to network, form collaborations, introduce new ideas, share leads and celebrate successes. Learn about the businesses and entrepreneurs that make our community strong.

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Inspire Collaboration

Energize provides an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, remote workers and students to grow their personal skillsets and their business. Our collaborative focus means you constantly have a community that drives you forward.


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Energize Mission

To provide a foundation where business owners and entrepreneurs can collaborate together to grow an energetic community.

Energize Values

COMMUNITY. Our purpose is community. We are community-led, community-powered and community-funded.

DIVERSITY. Our diverse members bring their unique background and ideas to our common purpose.

COLLABORATION. The success of our community depends on the success of all of our members.

ATMOSPHERE. Our environment is positive, energetic, fun and creates an inviting work space.

EFFECT. We encourage members to improve themselves, their business, and our local business community.

Learn more about our Members

We think the most important part of a coworking space is the people you decide to share a space with. See the people behind the businesses that make our community thrive.

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Active and Energetic

In case you haven't heard, we really, really like community. Energize is thrilled to host tons of events each month. We host events like member-only classes each week and a rotating list of monthly workshops and networking meetups for the entire community to enjoy. See what upcoming events we host regularly and get involved.

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Founded by Community Leaders

Our vision for Energize wouldn't be here without visionary members, an inspiring community, and most importantly, dedicated sponsors. We are proud to have Member businesses help sponsor the space and partnerships that are as committed to our vision as each of our members are. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click below to learn more.

Grow Your Business Here

We think growing you and your business starts by surrounding yourself with people that compliment you, challenge you, and inspire you. Think you fit in our community? We want to hear why.